Advantages of choosing the correct glass products for your home – Part 1

On a winters day have you ever sat near a window and could actually feel cold coming through the glass? Or even on a hot summers day, the heat oozing in, even when the sun in not shining on the glass?

Yes? Originally glass was used to fill holes in houses, that is the windows but our industry in growing and getting a whole lot smarter!

Who wants to pay high bills to the power companies while our heating and cooling inside is zooming out of our windows?

The transfer of heat and cold works both ways – leaves our home through the windows but also enters back from outside through the window! Just put your hand on the glass and the frame of your current window, you might be surprised in what you are feeling!

As I said our industry is constantly changing and for the better. We now have many choices which easily makes our home a comfortable place which to live.

Our choices include –

  • Glass to keep the heat out
  • Glass to keep the heat in
  • Glass to eliminate glare
  • Glass to reduce the sound of traffic or neighbours
  • Glass to reduce condensation by 99.9%
  • Glass to reduce what neighbours can see in your home during the day
  • Switchable glass – from a switch on your wall change your glass from opaque to clear
  • Double glazing can give you heaps of different combinations – we just need to know what’s important to you

So next time you upgrade or build, please give important consideration as to how you want to feel in your new room or home – what’s important to you is now achievable!
Next time we will look at the other important component of a window – the frame!

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