Our range of glass types below

Double Glazing

Double Glazed windows are made using two pieces of glass. A spacer made of a metal or polymer strip (filled with a drying agent to dry out any moisture in the space) is fitted around one piece of glass and then vacuumed sealed to the other section of glass. The two pieces of glass are separated by an air gap, the gap is then filled with argon gas and sealed.

The argon gas gap between the panes of glass acts as thermal insulation. 

The space between the panes of glass can be anywhere between 6mm and 20mm.


  • Energy efficiency – The sealed argon gas gap between panes of glass in the double-glazed system acts as thermal insulation. It locks in the cool air from your air conditioner in summer, leaving the unwanted heat outside.By locking in the effect of temperature control, means you can use your heater and cooler less.This adds up to enormous savings on energy. 
  • Prevents Mould Forming Indoors – double glazing reduces condensation so prevents mould from happening to begin with.
  • Noise Reduction 
  • Safety & Security – Double-glazing of windows improves both safety and security. They are harder to break than normal windows.



Low E glass has a soft coat which provides excellent solar heat gain in colder climates where summer heat is primarily gained from outside, it also significantly reduces the condensation associated with heating and cooling homes. 

Low E products have a special coating that provides thermal and solar properties, and therefore does not have the same appearance or surface as regular float glass. A small degree of haze may be observed under certain light conditions.


  • High visible light – clarity and natural light in the home. 
  • Reduce fading on flooring and furniture. 
  • Advanced Insulation – Keep the warmth in and the cold out. 

Toughened Glass

Toughened glass is made by tempering, a process in which float glass is heated up to a temperature of around 620°C followed by abrupt cooling using jets of cold air. The glass is heated to a point of melting. As a result of this process, the outside of the glass is forced into compression while the inside remains free to float for some time (creating tension on the inside). After the process, the toughened glass has a greater resistance to thermal stresses and has improved flexural and tensile strength.


  • 2.5 x stronger
  • Superior strength that can withstand abnormal stress to a certain point.
  • In case of accidents, the glass will safely shatter into small cubes.
  • Thermally strong- Can withstand extremely high temperatures.

Laminated Glass

Laminated glass is made from two sheets of float glass bonded together with PVB (polyvinyl butyral) interlayer. The PVB (polyvinyl butyral) interlayer is sandwiched by the glass, which is then passed through a series of rollers systems to expel any air pockets. It’s then heated under pressure in an oven to achieve the final bounded product.


  • As it is less likely to break, replacement costs will be kept to a minimum or reduced. 
  • Blocks 99% of UV – light transmission. 
  • Can withstand changes in temperatures.
  • Improve sound insulation.

Glass Repair

We know there is nothing worse than an accident or something not working as it should or worse a break-in to create havoc on your day to day life – after all you have work, family and more to take care of. That’s why we’re here to help.

If it’s a simple repair or replacement or even a must fix EMERGENCY of course we’re happy to help just contact us on 03 5559 1122.

Merri offers the complete service including

• Removal and disposal of OLD windows
• Supply and installation of NEW windows
• Supply and fit architraves both internally and externally

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